Maintenance Support

Volume of properties under management of BSO avails sensitive discounts from maintenance suppliers to all our clients. Stepping into tenancy relationships, you should be familiar with both parties’ responsibilities regarding the safety of the other party’s property and goods. Thus, you can avoid or prevent most of future troubles. 

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Insurance for Landlords

Insurance is a powerful tool to secure your budget and time in case of damage. Insurance for a landlord protects his property against the damage caused by his tenants, burglars, or other risk factors excluding natural disasters.

Fixing the issue about the damage

Its important for Landlords to maintain his property in good conditions while leasing it. Therefore, all required repair works should be completed as fast as a repair company schedule allows.

The Dubai Rental Disputes Center

The Dubai Rental Disputes Center (RDC) can help resolve any problems. When filing a case with the RDC, you shall provide documented evidences that prove your proper notification about the issue, incurred expenses, etc.

What we do Best

We know how hard and time-consuming it could be for you as a landlord to handle your repair and maintenance tasks if you have no one to help you. Moreover, it could be even harder to deal your tenants in case they damage your property. In contrast, if you hire BSO, you can sit back and relax as we take all the tasks and problems to our shoulders.

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